Saturday, June 25

Lorraine Segato and Special Guests Cameron 8 pm Admission: $20

Sunday, June 26

Erella’s Potlatch Cameron 6 – 9 pm To Celebrate the launch of the immensely spectacular show at MOCCA we wanted to have a bite to eat with artists and musicians who think this is Paradise. Please bring something to share… especially wonderful stories and something delicious (or a delicious story) We think that this will be an intimate place to

Monday, June 27

Blue Monday Special Guests Cameron 8 pm Click to see the facebook gallery!

Monday, July 4

DR. SKETCHY Cameron 6 – 11 pm Admission: $20

Friday, July 8

The Hellions Jim Masyk, Steve Koctch, John Borra, Cleeve Anderson Cameron 8 pm Admission:  $10.00 The Hellions is a group of 5 musicians and friends who played in many of the bands that lived, played and recorded on Queen Street West in the 1980′s. They are Steve Koch, (The Demics, Viletones, Handsome Neds, Screamin’ Sam), Cleave Anderson (Blue Rodeo, the

Monday, July 11

DR.SKETCHY Cameron 6 – 11 pm Admission: $20.00

Saturday, July 16

Young hip hop musicians and artists Sketch and friends from St. Alban’s Club Cameron 8 pm – 1 am Admission: $10 pwc Details to come.

Monday, July 18

DR. SKETCHY Cameron 6 – 11 pm Admission: $20