This is Paradise Project


Virtual museum and archive (CCCA Database)

THIS IS PARADISE PROJECT is a database hosted by Bill Kirby and the Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art.

In the form of an online catalogue of research, living archives, interviews, texts, and essays, essays, the resource will be added to and continue to develop after the exhibitions are over.

Our collaboration with the CCCA, is central to our vision of creating a living archive which will map collaborations and seminal works of art, music and theatre, starting in the early ‘80’s in Toronto around Queen West and Spadina Avenue.

Video Clips

Interviews with the participants of the period create a narrative, a collective cultural memory, from a group of seminal artists and musicians, performers and writers.

People who were there have the opportunity to record their own account. ‘History’ as told by the community itself resists revisionist tampering by producing an unmediated narrative of the period

These online interviews give voice to the unfiltered views of artists and musicians, actors and writers, the primary makers of our culture, in an accessible format.

The Virtual Museum and Archive will be launched at the opening of  THIS IS PARADISE at the MOCCA.

The exhibition is interactive, providing internet stations during the run of the exhibition so that attendees may look up additional images, stories, and information about specific artists or artworks.