Past Projects


This is Paradise
At the Museum of Contemporary Canadian art (MOCCA)

Paradise Now
Through concurrent programming in satellite venues

This is Paradise Project
Online in collaboration with the CCCA
(Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art data base)

The MOCCA show, THIS IS PARADISE, the exhibitions and performances of PARADISE NOW, and the THIS IS PARADISE PROJECT, together produce a geneology for present and future generations by connecting their visual art, music and stories to a larger narrative — that of the making of culture for our multifaceted, multicultural, complex contemporary Toronto.

The three dimensions connect the dots from the late 1970’s to the present,  providing a context, a history, and a narrative for the makers of culture today.

PARADISE counters cultural amnesia, revels in the unique phenomenon of downtown Toronto, and celebrates its history. New creative energies that come to life in visual art, music and theatre, can trace their lineages to the early experiments and collaborations which lead to the creation of the public and artist run galleries and performance spaces which have become cultural mainstays.

Image:  THIS IS PARADISE 1983. Artist: Tom Dean. A hand painted sign on the interior front room of the Cameron Hotel,  Toronto, Canada

Photo Credit: documentary photograph by Peter MacCallum